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Together we are co-creative with Nature.


Day or overnight accommodations available for individuals and/or your group.


Couples and family workshops

Yoga Yurt and Teepee lodging.

We provide an opportunity for guests to relax with an intention of healing underpinned by intentional community and Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies. EAAT is the foundation of our workshops and retreats. Find out more about EAAT through Students and Horses Excel link.

Tiny Towns on Wheels

It's a big movement across the nation as housing gets more and more expensive. Finding a community that supports Tiny Houses on Wheels (THOWs) is like finding family. Everyone supports each other. The ranch is permitted for a Tiny House Town... limit 6. We have the site located and beginning with the infrastructure.

Students and Horse Excel

Students and Horses Excel, a 501(c) 3 charitable organization, is an Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies program (EAAT) serving youths and adults in need:


SHE operates The Riding Academy preserving the art of historical horsemanship and instructing a balanced-seat riding style, vaulting and gaming.


SHE also manages all horse activities and boarding on the ranch. We provide a natural horse-keeping environment. Instead of housing our horses in the unhealthy, unnatural restrictions of box stalls, our horses live in small herds in open fields or paddocks with wind-breaks, automatic waterers and cross-fenced with ElectroBraid. This allows for all ages of equines to get their specific nutritional needs. Extra large semi-covered open stalls/pens are available for those times when a horse needs confinement. Arenas, courses, play days, historical studies and miles of trails make up the list of things to do with your steed. Red Horse Arena, an indoor riding facility, is on the list of ranch improvements.

Cultured Worm Soil Builder

Natures perfect replacement for chemical fertilizers. Our cultured worms require weekly maintenance as they gobble up rich soil and replace it with valuable worm castings.. a black gold of sorts. Market distribution is part of the weekly maintenance.

Green Construction

Hempcrete is good for the environment. It is desirable that member's homes shall be built with hempcrete. The first one to begin its planning phase Fall of 2018.



This picture of composted soil iis a great example of sustainability. The soil has become rich with nutrients that feed the foods we eat. Here we find communities of micro-organisms working together much like in the animal and human kingdom.


Our School of Sustainability, SOS, offers classes and Internships in permaculture, the core of sustainability.

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